Breaker 19, Breaker 19

Having the right tools is key to being a successful business person in a trucking environment.

The CB radio in my opinion is a key tool to have in your toolbox if you’re an over the road driver. CB radio is in valuable for local information local weather updates traffic report accident awareness and many other issues that we encounter over the road. Many people think that is just extra noise but once you get the hang of it the CB is really a valuable piece of equipment that we can use when we get into jams. Yes sometimes it can be noisy and sometimes can be distracting but the value if you’re in a snowstorm or if you’re looking for a location to deliver is in measurable…..

You don’t need a really expensive one ticket started but to at least just have one in your truck means that you can get all the information about that accident up ahead which lane to be in what dock to go to when delivering and much more information.

My CB has saved me many times from being in the wrong lane, or even being able to exit miles ahead of an accident and bypass all of the waiting for it to clear. I recommended Seabees to all of my students that I trained in the value that it brings to their profitability.


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